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Princess Charlotte: 2019 Marks A New Chapter In Her Life

July 10, 2019 - 09:46 / Sarah Schulz

For Princess Charlotte the seriousness of life soon begins - that being school. Coming up this autumn, the Royal Princess should start school. Up until recently, she was already attending a nursery school as preparation. 

Starting in September 2019, four-year-old Princess Charlotte will be attending Thomas's Battersea School and will have to wear certain school clothes as a uniform.

Charlotte has already attended the Willcocks Nursery in London on a regular basis. But just a few days ago on July 3rd, the little Royal visited this facility for the last time. Now she can enjoy the summer holidays - before school time awaits her in autumn.

Charlotte goes to the same school as George

Her big brother Prince George (5) has been attending Thomas's Battersea school for quite some time now. Many royal fans can still remember his first day at school. In 2017, he attended school for the first time and was accompanied by his father, Prince William (37). School principal Helen Haslem greeted the two of them in a friendly manner and immediately took little Prince George by the hand.

At that time Prince George still went to preschool. Meanwhile he has passed the first class, so his first day of school last year was a bit different. Charlotte will now also attend preschool. The baby of the family, Prince Louis (1), on the other hand, still has time before he also has to go to school.