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'America's Got Talent': Sofia Vergara Reveals The One Act She Can't Stand

'America's Got Talent': Sofia Vergara Reveals The One Act She Can't Stand
May 22, 2020 - 18:27 / Amanda Stanford

Sofia Vergara is opening up about just what she can't stand as she judges America's Got Talent auditions. Despite social distancing implementations, the show continues to hold auditions without a live studio audience. 

Sofia comes clean!

Sofia Vergara is coming clean about the one act she can't stand judging on America's Got Talent. The actress revealed the secret on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show.

Sofia Vergara attends the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Vergara first opens up about how surprised she was to land the job as a full time judge after Modern Family ended.


She told Fallon, “I was like what? Me? What do I know about anything? I don’t know anything about music or dancing! I mean, I do but I am not an expert on anything in the world.”

She then goes on to say she realized how fun it could be adding, "I’m just going to be like the people that are sitting in their house with their TV and I am just going to say what I feel and be honest.”

When questioned by Fallon if there were any contestants she doesn't particularly like, Vergara said, “I have realized something that I had never even thought in my 47 years of life. I don’t really enjoy the ukulele."

She then continued to say, "I don’t love it that much when the acts come out. It is so tiny, it’s not a guitar, what is it? I am not saying that there aren’t acts that are good with the ukulele but it doesn’t excite me.”


Vergara goes on to say that she does try to be as fair as possible, and keep it impartial.

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"Well, at the beginning I didn’t know the ukulele was going to cause me this. I do try to be fair. I try to open my heart and I say, ‘Okay it’s a ukulele,’ and I don’t just push the red button. I give them a chance," she said.

Vergara also goes on to talk about self isolating with her niece, son, husband and dogs. Watch the interview below!