Life Before Fame: Arón Piper Before 'Elite' Stardom

Arón Piper From 'Elite'
October 23, 2020 - 10:10 / Anna Valenzuela Rosas

Travelling through Europe, composing beautiful music, and being nominated for prestigious cinema awards, Arón Piper had experienced quite a lot before becoming an international superstar. This is Elite star Arón Piper's life before fame!

One of the things Arón Piper misses the most about his life before his Netflix fame is visiting busy places. Now if he goes in public he has to wear a disguise to avoid fans constantly stopping him after recognizing him for his role on Netflix's Elite. "They recognized me in disguise and I had to take 30 thousand photos," he told El País. Oddly enough, this lifestyle is not too foreign to him, considering before he was an international star he already was gaining recognition for his many talents. This is Arón Piper's life before fame. 

What Was Arón Piper's Life Like Before Starring in Elite?

Born in Berlin, Germany on March 29, 1997, Arón Julio Manuel Piper Barber was born near the world of television thanks to his father, a German editor. His mother was an advocate for alternative medicine and worked in homeopathy so his family was quite surprised when his first great passion was music. 

Arón Piper on the red carpet of the movie 15 Years and a Day, in 2013.

Although he first appeared on the big screen when he was only 7-years-old, he did not truly pursue his acting career until he was 14-years-old when he had a small role in the 2011 film Maktub. 

In 2016, Arón Piper began to really debut his talents in the film 15 Years and One Day, a film by Gracia Querejeta where he not only got to act but he also was able to perform one of his musical pieces he had written: a rap that copied the title of the film and earned him a Goya nomination for Best Original Song! Shortly after the success of 15 Years and One Day, Piper began to appear constantly on Spanish screens, in productions like the series Medical Center or the historical film The Split Crown

How Did Arón Piper Get On Elite?

In 2017, Piper went to the casting of one of the first projects that the streaming platform Netflix would produce in Spain: Elite. He originally auditioned to play the lead character, "Samuel Garcia".

Although the role ended up in the hands of Itzan Escamilla, Piper's performance managed to convince the producers, who invited him to give life to "Ander Muñoz", the upper-middle-class young man who begins a relationship with one of the newcomer's to his school: "Omar".

Omar Ayuso and Arón Piper in a scene from the Elite series.

Because of their relationship, "Ander and Omar" became two of the most fan-favorite characters of the series. "Omander is the purest relationship in the series, the only love story that was kept clean. A lot of positive things have come down to us, calling us brave and such," Piper told El País before the premiere of the third season. 

What Is Arón Piper Up To Now?

While preparing to film for the fourth season of Elite, Arón Piper remains active and ready to present two interesting projects: one is the series The Mess You Leave, a Netflix adaptation of the novel by Carlos Montero about a substitute teacher taking over for a teacher who had a great impact on the lives of the entire town.

Arón Piper at the presentation of the second season of the Elite series, in 2018.

Piper will also be formally debuting his art in the world of music. "It's much more scary than the series because in the end it's you, you write it, you show your face," he said, "I don't take it like Arón Piper but like Arón. I was also afraid people would think I'm being an opportunist, that people would say: 'Come on, now he's a musician?' Even though it's a bit opportunistic, what better time than now?"

On a sentimental level, Arón has been linked to influencer Jessica Goicochea although neither has confirmed nor denied their relationship. We can't wait for season four of Elite or Arón's new music and Netflix production!

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