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Ashley Graham Reveals the Sex of her Baby During Game With Ellen DeGeneres

Ashley Graham reveals the sex of her baby during game with Ellen DeGeneres
November 9, 2019 - 00:27 / Laura Pérez

Ashley Graham is expecting her first child with husband Justin Ervin! The supermodel and social media star has just revealed the sex of her baby during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show!

The beautiful supermodel Ashley Graham announced her pregnancy back in August. Now the 32-year-old revealed the sex of her first child during a game featured on her most recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Ashley Graham at the CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund 2019 in New York City

Is Ashley Graham having a girl or a boy?

The social media star sat down with the fabulous Ellen DeGeneres for a version of "Lightning Round," a game Ashley plays on her podcast Pretty Big Deal. The model is usually the one who asks questions during the game, but this time Ellen switched things up... 

In the beginning DeGeneres didn't mention anything about Ashley's pregnancy, but after a couple of rounds she brought up the big question: "Are you having a boy or a girl?" Then Ashley screamed: "I’m having a boy! I’m gonna be a mommy to a boy!"

Ashley Graham has shared some cute images of her pregnancy on social media

Ashley Graham has been happily married to videographer Justin Ervin for nine years. They are expecting their first child together and good news is we finally know it's a boy!

The very talented supermodel has always been open about her pregnancy and often posts sweet images on Instagram showing off her adorable baby bump!