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'Back to the Future' Stars Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox Reunite On Instagram

'Back to the Future': Instagram reunion for "Marty McFly" and "Doc Brown".
March 6, 2020 - 17:30 / Clemens Fanger

The former Back to the Future co-stars Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox have reunited in the most amazing way on Instagram! See the picture right here...

To be honest, this picture just sent us straight back to 1985 with 88 miles per hour! Christopher Lloyd took to social media on Thursday and posted a photo of himself and his former Back to the Future co-star Michael J. Fox on Instagram.

"Doc Brown" & "Marty McFly" reunite at a charity event

The two actors, who played "Doctor Emmett 'Doc' Brown" and "Marty McFly" in the 1985 smash hit movie actually met up at a charity poker tournament for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, whose research hopes to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Fox has been suffering from Parkinson's for years now.

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Back to the Future was released in the Summer of 1985 and became the biggest film of the year, grossing over $381 million dollars worldwide and receiving an Academy Award nomination as well as four Golden Globe nominations.