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Drew Barrymore Talks Motherhood During Pandemic, Takes Photos Of Herself For 'InStyle' Cover

Drew Barrymore Talks Motherhood During Pandemic, Takes Photos Of Herself For 'InStyle' Cover
July 8, 2020 - 17:02 / Amanda Stanford

Drew Barrymore is showing off her beauty once again appearing on InStyle magazine's "Badass Women" cover stories. The actress and mother is opening up about what life has been like in isolation during the novel Coronavirus.

Drew Barrymore is showing the world she can do it all! The mother of two and world-renowned actress is opening up about life in isolation during the novel Coronavirus, as well as showing off her sassy style!

Drew Barrymore attends the in goop Health Summit

Drew Barrymore stuns on the cover of InStyle

Appearing for InStyle's "Badass Women" cover story, the ex-"Charlie's Angel" takes a photo of herself with high-waisted black mom jeans, a red graphic tee, and a fur coat draped over her shoulder. If that wasn't stylish enough, Barrymore finished the look flashing a peace sign with her natural waves and large black cap, looking effortlessly cool.


Inside the issue, Barrymore proves even more relatable, opening up about raising her two daughters, Olive, 7, and Frankie, 6, during a pandemic, and how she combats feeling overwhelmed with self-care routines.

"I eat really clean and healthy, and I do an hour of Pilates at least four days a week," she said.

"I have to work so hard at not being the size of a bus. And it’s OK. That is just my journey. That is my karma. I don’t know, maybe I was thin and mean in a past life," she joked.


"Other than that, between homeschooling and working, I felt very overwhelmed at first — and I hate feeling overwhelmed," she admitted.

As for her role in the house, Barrymore said, "It was weird to be a mom and a teacher and a provider and a friend. I felt sad for a while that I was all I could offer my children. Then I realized that I had to get out from under it. I have so much empathy and patience for everyone but myself, it’s sick."

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The following is a dialogue between me and my daughter... ME: Olive will you take pictures for the @theststyle photoshoot. Its for a magazine people work for years to shoot for! OLIVE: Why are you asking me to shoot you mom? And who normally shoots you? ME: A photographer. But right now, the world is in a crazy place. Everything is an opportunity to do things differently! So what do you say? Do you want to be my photographer? OLIVE:I'm honored to be your photographer. I like taking pictures, so thank you. ME: Do you promise not to shoot me from below? OLIVE: Yes. And then you won't look like you have a very big chin ME: Oh no, I'm worried about looking like I have NO chin! When @theststyle and I talked about doing this piece, months ago, it was supposed to be about the fact that @flowerbeauty was expanding @superdrug and then it became an even more involved and personal piece .... and wait til you see what it evolved into... ready ... wait for it...

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Furthermore, Barrymore goes on to say that the current political and social changes happening within the United States and beyond are positive, and she is hopeful for progress.

"That’s why, to me, what’s happening now in the world does not feel negative; it feels overdue," she says.


"People will have different opinions about how to proceed, and based on history, there is nothing everyone in the world will agree on. But it seems like there is a collective consciousness right now — an American and global awakening. And I am a student. I’ll be learning until the end of time," she added.

Barrymore also admits that while she's taking this time to learn, she is also aware that she must also speak her mind.

"I write and speak as if no one is reading or listening. That doesn’t mean I don’t care what people think; I am a human welcome mat," she says.

Barrymore's full interview hits newsstands July 17.