'Friends': Matt LeBlanc Is Now The 'Man With A Plan'

Matt LeBlanc in 2017

The last episode of Friends, one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, aired fifteen years ago and the cast members have changed considerably since then. Matt LeBlanc now has grey hair, although he is still as likable as he was when he was "Joey".

The first Friends episodes were broadcast in 1994, which means that it's been more than two decades (has it really been that long?!) since we first fell in love with "Joey" and the rest of the gang. It's only natural that the cast have, of course, changed somewhat since then, but Matt LeBlanc who is now in his early fifties, still cuts a handsome figure.

Matt LeBlanc has stuck to his sitcom roots

In the series Episodes, produced by the geniuses that created Friends, Matt LeBlanc played a fictional version of himself from 2011 to 2017 and was even awarded a Golden Globe for "Best Actor" in a TV series for his performance in 2012. The truly funny sitcom Man with a Plan started in 2016, in which the lovable actor plays the role of "Adam Burns", a stay-at-home dad.

Matt Leblanc and Liza Snyder in Man With A Plan

Matt Leblanc and Liza Snyder in Man With A Plan

He has also been a presenter on the BBC TV series Top Gear since 2016, in which his love of all things cars really shines through.

There might still be a Friends reunion

A Friends reunion would be a dream come true for many a fan, and in recent weeks Friends stars Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow have been feeding into the rumours that a reboot could possibly be in the works for the future. We would love to see "Joey", "Monica", "Rachel" and the others together again!