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'GMB': Ben Shephard Says Kate Garraway Has Spoken To Her Husband While He's In A Coma

'GMB': Derek Shepherd Says Kate Garraway Has Spoken To Her Husband While He's In A Coma
May 4, 2020 - 19:55 / Sarah Schulz

Ben Shephard has given another update on Kate Garraway's husband's battle with COVID-19 on Good Morning Britain. Get the full story here... 

Kate Garraway's husband Derek is still fighting for his life in intensive care in a coma with the novel coronavirus. Kate updated her followers with another emotional post on Thursday night about her husband's battle with the virus and Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins have reacted to her strong and encouraging words. 

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Kate Garraway Posts Update On Husband's Fight With COVID-19

Kate posted a tribute to all the NHS workers and carers and how strong they are for fighting this battle with all those who are sick. After they read out the caption of her post on Good Morning Britain, Kate's close friend and co-presenter Ben, had a few other words that Kate wanted him to share.

'GMB's' Kate Garraway Describes "Unrecognizable" Hospitalized Husband Derek  

Ben Shephard: "She's been able to speak to Derek in the evenings in a coma" 

"She also wanted to share the fact that she's been able to speak to Derek in the evenings in a coma. A lot of hospitals are doing this, offering the families a chance to speak to their loved ones," Ben shared.

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Another emotional #clapthecarers & never has it been more needed. If this pandemic #lockdown is dragging on for us, imagine what it is like for them. Shift after endlessly long shift , bravely going to work, to battle the virus and give our loved ones a chance. None of those keeping my Derek alive have ever made me feel it's a chore, they want to win this as much as I want them to, but it must be so hard. He is still critically ill in intensive care, but where there is life there is hope. Thank you #nhs from the bottom of my heart . Thank you too for all your wonderful messages and advice of how to get through this. I am gathering the things that have helped me and putting them on my free clubgarraway.com ( link in bio) . I know I am not alone in struggling . We are all facing challenges , whether we have a sick loved one or not , so let's stand together & I hope something on there helps YOU - even if it's just to share!! Lots of love Kate xxx #hope #love

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"He can't respond but she's been able to share music with him, talk to him, just to support him. She's been able to pass on those messages that you've passed on to her to Derek as well, so he is getting a sense of all the support and positivity that's coming from you," he continued.

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"As Kate said last week, she can't respond to everybody, as much as she wishes she could, but in quieter moments, when she does get ten minutes, she scrolls through them and the emotions and support she is getting from everybody has been really helping. It's really tough, really, really tough, he is still very, very critically ill," Shephard concluded. 

We are wishing Kate all the best during this incredibly tough time and our thoughts are with her husband Derek as he continues his battle with COVID-19