'GMB': Piers Morgan Announces Break From Show

'GMB': Piers Morgan Announces Break From Show.
July 8, 2020 - 11:55 / Anna Valenzuela Rosas

The host everyone loves to hate, Piers Morgan will no longer be on Good Morning Britain until September. Piers is having his last day and is making sure it's a good one!

Piers Morgan posted to Twitter on Tuesday to let fans know of the big change. What did his co-host Susanna Reid have to say about it?

Piers Morgan Taking Break From Good Morning Britain

On Tuesday, the loud and proud Piers Morgan announced that "It's our last day on air tomorrow until September and we intend to make it a [fire emoji] one. So if you love us, loathe us, or just want to throw your remote at the TV, tune into GMB from 6am. I'll be shouting. @susannareid100 will be pouting, and we'll both be clouting."

Some of his Twitter fans were quick to worry he would be leaving permanently but he responded to a fan asking if he was "leaving at the end of the year," to which Piers corrected "I'm not actually CJ, end of next year possibly." His co-host even chimed in and jokingly commented: "Contract negotiations underway!"

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Piers' departure comes after he announced that Kate Garraway will be returning to the show sometime this week. On Monday morning Piers and Susanna said Kate will be on the show for the first time since her 4-month absence while her husband Derek has been in an induced coma. Piers informed viewers that Derek "remains in a pretty serious condition, he is not out of the woods."