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Watch Goldie Hawn "Twirl Like Nobody's Watching" To Dua Lipa On Her Mini Trampoline

Goldie Hawn Dances To Dua Lipa On Her Mini Trampoline: "Twirl Like Nobody's Watching"
May 14, 2020 - 18:45 / Hayley Paskevich

In a video that she shared to Instagram, Goldie Hawn jumps around on her trampoline while dancing to Dua Lipa. Watch the actress having some fun while staying fit!  

Goldie Hawn is showing her fans how she's been keeping active during quarantine! As People reports, Hawn took to Instagram on Thursday and posted a video of herself working out to Dua Lipa's hit song "Physical." 

It's not exactly a typical workout video though, as the actress demonstrates her dance moves while bouncing on her mini trampoline!

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Goldie Hawn attends the Child Mind Institute's 2019 Change Maker Awards on May 1, 2019.

Hawn says Dua Lipa's song is "the best addition" to her playlist

Hawn filmed her unique exercise video in her home gym, and it looks like she's having lots of fun dancing without a care in the world! "My crazy @mindup mindful movement for today. Dance, jump and twirl like nobody’s watching ❤️ ⁣⁣and thanks @dualipa for the best addition to my trampoline playlist!" she captioned the clip.

As People shares, Hawn launched the Mind Up initiative back in 2003, which is focused on helping students stay centred throughout the day with daily 5-minute breaks. The actress has been encouraging her followers to get up and stay active at least once a day, something that's especially important while stay-at-home orders have been enforced across the country. 

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Goldie Hawn at will.i.am's i.am.angel Foundation TRANS4M 2018 Gala, Honoring Sean Parker, Chairman, Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy on February 20, 2018.

Hawn talks about her philosophy of people "dancing through life"

Hawn may be an actress, but according to her interview with The Guardian last month, it turns out that she sees herself as "more of a dancer than anything else." She went on to explain that to her, dancing isn't just a way of expression— it's also how she sees people navigating through the world.

"When I talk about dancing through life, it really is how we move," Hawn explained. "It’s how we face today, how we walk into a room, how we pull ourselves up and feel that what we have inside of us is valuable and important."

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Hawn also shared that for her personally, dancing gives her a sense of "abandonment, and also fearlessness" which makes the art form appealing to her. "If you can express yourself without being afraid of looking silly – dance like nobody’s watching, right?" Hawn said. "I think that is a beautiful thing."

Watch the video Goldie Hawn shared of herself dancing to Dua Lipa on her trampoline!