This Is Everything We Know About Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver's Christmas Cookbook

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver published an amazing Christmas cookbook and we love everything we know about it
December 13, 2019 - 14:23 / Laura Pérez

From cooking meat perfectly to edible gifts: Jamie Oliver's Christmas cookbook is the ultimate guide for this holiday season! The celebrity chef has some helpful cooking tips you can take into consideration this Christmas!

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has proved many times that he's an amazing cook! In the past few years he has published several books, including the ultimate festive guide "Jamie Oliver's Christmas Cookbook," released in 2016. It is indeed a perfect present for anyone hosting Christmas!

Jamie Oliver promoting his cookbook "5 Ingredients: Quick And Easy Food" in New York City, 2019

This is everything we know about Jamie Oliver's Christmas cookbook  

  • It includes classic Christmas recipes as well as clever ways to use up leftovers
  • It has a special section on how to cook meat perfectly
  • Of course he didn't forget about those who don't eat meat. It features vegetarian and vegan alternatives as well!
  • What about edible gifts? Jamie's got you covered
  • The celebrity chef thought of everything, his book even has a Christmas cocktails section!

What else do we know about Jamie Oliver's Christmas cookbook?

Jamie's book has numerous chapters which will guide you on different topics, "The Wonderful World of Potatoes," "Spectacular Festive Puddings," and "Super-Fantastic Salads," are just a few of them. In other words, the amazing book has everything you need to become the best Christmas host!