'The Rifleman': Where Is Johnny Crawford Now?

Johnny Crawford as Mark McCain in the US TV western series 'The Rifleman', circa 1960
August 16, 2020 - 12:25 / Laura Pérez

Johnny Crawford is best known for his role in The Rifleman. Unfortunately, the American actor has been struggling with some health issues but there is a way in which fans can actually help him! Find out more here... 

Johnny Crawford was born on March 26, 1946, but it was a few years later when he came to prominence for his role as "Mark McCain" in the classic western series The Riflemanestablishing his legacy on stage, films, television!

Johnny Crawford: The Rifleman Star

Before his appearance in The Riflemanhe starred in other television shows like The Lone Ranger, The Loretta Young Showand Sheriff of Cochise, among others. But what has the American actor been doing lately? 

Johnny Crawford is struggling with Alzheimer's

Unfortunately, the 74-year-old Los Angeles native has been staying out of the media limelight in the past few years because he has been struggling with Alzheimer's disease. His wife Charlotte, with whom he's been married since 1995, has been supporting him but the sad news is that they are not able to pay for the treatment that the star needs.

That's why Paul Petersen, Johnny Crawford's former childhood friend, launched a campaign in February urging fans to help him with this tough situation; the campaign has already collected part of the ten thousand goal. 

Johnny Crawford attends the Museum of Television and Radio Cocktail Party in Beverly Hills, California, 2004

We always loved to see Johnny on screen and we really wish he gets well very soon! Crawford took a break from acting from 1999 until he starred in the 2019 film The Marshal as "William S. Hart." We hope to see him on screen again soon!