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Justin Bieber Released His New Album 'Changes'

Justin Bieber Releases Album 'Changes' This Valentine's Day
February 14, 2020 - 20:45 / Amanda Stanford

The Canadian born singer, Justin Bieber is back at it again with his first album since 2015 titled Changes. Bieber released his album on Valentine's Day.

Justin Bieber's first album in 5 years

Justin Bieber has released his first album in 5 years across all major streaming platforms following the release of two singles he put out earlier this year, titled "Yummy" and "Get Me", which featured Kehlani.

The overall theme of the album skims the surface of romance and tender love. 


The two singles released had fans highly anticipating the new album release, which was appropriately released on Valentine's Day.

Furthermore, Bieber has also been working on a YouTube Originals docuseries about his post-marital life, mental and physical health, and behind-the-scenes footage of his sold-out shows.

Justin Bieber performs poolside at Fontainebleau Miami Beachs New Years Eve Celebration.

His 10 part docuseries titled Justin Bieber: Seasons, is a completely transparent look inside the pop star's life.

The first four episodes of the series saw Bieber sharing what the creative process was like for this new album.

You can catch all episodes on YouTube, and stream the album Changes on all major streaming services now.