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Michelle Obama Apparently Gave Lana Condor Great Advice on Dealing With "Imposter Syndrome"

Lana Condor Says Michelle Obama Gave Her Advice on Dealing with "Imposter Syndrome"
February 20, 2020 - 21:33 / Hayley Paskevich

At the DVF Awards, which were presented on Wednesday night, Lana Condor talked to the former First Lady about the idea of feeling like her success wasn't earned!

Lana Condor is still amazed by the opportunities she finds herself with, as well as the people she's surrounded by! Condor, who stars in Netflix's To All the Boys franchise, was a guest at the DVF Awards on Wednesday night. 

But in a room full of honorees that included Ruth Bader Ginsburg and human rights activist Priti Patkar, Condor couldn't help but feel a little like she didn't belong there.

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Lana Condor speaks at the DVF 2020 Awards on February 19, 2020.

Condor reveals she's been "combating" imposter syndrome

Condor shares in an exclusive for People that Michelle Obama, who was also at the DVF Awards to present Ginsburg with her award, talked to her "a lot". Specifically, the two spoke about the idea of "imposter syndrome", which Condor describes as "That feeling that you don’t belong and that you haven’t earned your place in a room.”

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Admitting that she's been "combating it" when asked if she suffers from imposter syndrome, Condor reveals that she has to keep telling herself that she deserves to be where she is. "I'm surrounded by amazing, amazing people," she says. "I keep reminding myself, ‘This is a real thing, and I deserve to be here. And I’ve worked hard to be here".

Lana Condor and Priti Patkar attend the 2020 DVF Awards on February 19, 2020.

Lana Condor says she's "floored and honoured and grateful"

Condor admits that even with all of the experiences she's been lucky enough to have, she'll never get over the significance of having been invited to the historic building where the DVF Awards took place.

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"But I don’t care how old I’ll get, or whatever I’ve done in my life," Condor says, "I’ll always be floored and honored and grateful to be able to be in the Library of Congress. And to be able to present to someone like Priti Patkar, I don’t care, I could be 1 million years old and still be like, ‘What?! I can’t believe it'".