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"Little Lord Fauntleroy": This is what Ricky Schroder looks like today

Ricky Schroder and Sir Alec Guinness in Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Ricky Schroder is a household name the world over thanks to playing Lord Fauntleroy in Little Lord Fauntleroy. The film was a huge success and is still shown every Christmas on TV. It has been nearly four decades since the film first aired and Ricky has definitely done some growing up! Here's what the handsome actor has been up to since starring as Lord Fauntleroy.

Ricky Schroder (48) was only ten years old when he starred in the film The Little Lord Fauntleroy, but was a successful child star and had already won a Golden Globe before being cast as the young lord. Today, the film is one of the great Christmas classics.

Every year just before Christmas, numerous stations broadcast the successful movie and we simply love watching Ricky Schroder star alongside Sir Alec Guinness (†86) in the cult classic!

Sir Alec Guiness, Ricky Schroder and Connie Booth in Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Sir Alec Guiness, Ricky Schroder and Connie Booth in Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Ricky Schroder: Life after Little Lord Fauntleroy

Ricky Schroder went on to appear in numerous TV productions after Little Lord Fauntleroy. At twenty-eight, he became a member of the NYPD Blue cast and starred in the series for three years. Two years later, he played nurse Paul Flowers in the hit series Scrubs, in which his character Paul was in an on/off relationship with Dr. Elliot Reid, played by Sarah Chalke (41).

Ricky Schroder Little Lord Fauntleroy Today

Ricky Schroder in 2017.

Schroder also appeared in the series 24. Ricky Schroder is a man of many talents and also works as a producer, having founded his own production company Ricky Schroder Productions. He appeared in the Christmas movie Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love in 2016.

Lord Fauntleroy: Ricky Schroder today

His most recent project was the documentary The Volunteers, which he produced and which deals with the Syrian war. According to his production company's website, Schroder is currently writing a script for his new film, Mile 0.

Ricky Schroder and his three children.

Ricky Schroder and his kids 

Ricky Schroder married Andrea Bernard (46) in 1992. They have four children, who have also appeared as actors in their father’s productions. Unfortunately, the couple announced that they would be getting divorced in September 2016.