"Monk": Where is Tony Shalhoub today?

Tony Shalhoub played "Adrian Monk".

Tony Shalhoub had his big breakthrough in 2002 with the television series "Monk". In the crime series, he played the neurotic but ingenious private detective "Adrian Monk". Tony Shalhoub played the role for seven years. In 2009, the series was cancelled after eight seasons. We'll tell you what the actor's doing these days.

Tony Shalhoub (64) celebrated his first major successes in Hollywood as early as the 1990s. He spent six years as an Italian taxi driver in the television series "Wings". Several small roles followed in various productions before he got his first leading role in "13 Spirits" in 2001. But Tony Shalhoub's big breakthrough came only a year later.

Tony Shalhoub alias "Adrian Monk"

For seven years Tony Shalhoub embodied private detective "Adrian Monk".

After "Monk": What Tony Shalhoub does today

In the 2002 crime series "Monk" Tony Shalhoub played the role of the neurotic private detective "Adrian Monk". But Tony was not only to be seen in the leading role, he was also one of the producers for "Monk". Then, after seven years, the series was eventually discontinued.

Tony Shalhoub was nominated for the Emmy Award for "Monk" eight times in a row and won the category 'Best Actor in a Comedy Series'. He also received a Golden Globe for his performance in 2003.

Tony Shalhoub alias "Monk"

Tony Shalhoub alias "Monk".

Tony Shalhoub is still working as an actor

After the end of the series, Tony appeared in the films "Too Big Fail", "Hemmingway & Gellhorn" and "Pain & Gain". In 2016 Shalhoub could also get a leading role in the series "BrainDead". In the Alien series, he represents a Republican senator. 

Actor Tony Shalhoub

Actor Tony Shalhoub starred in films like "BrainDead".

A younger audience is likely to know Tony Shalhoub from the "Cars" films  In the animated films about cars, Tony dubs "Luigi", an Italian tire salesman. Most recently, Tony appeared in the wildly successful Amazon original series The Marvelous Mrs Maisel and was in front of the camera for the film "Rosy", too.

Tony Shalhoub has been married to his acting colleague Brooke Adams since 1992. They have adopted two children.