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Nick Viall Calls Out Hannah Brown For Her "Really Terrible Apology" For Using The N-Word

Nick Viall Calls Out Hannah Brown For Her 'Really Terrible Apology' For Using The N-Word
May 20, 2020 - 17:57 / Amanda Stanford

Nick Viall is letting everyone know how he truly feels about Hannah Brown, noting her apology for bad language wasn't nearly good enough in his eyes. Viall took to his podcast to talk about the controversial moment.

Nick Viall is speaking his mind 

Nick Viall has never been one to shy away from speaking his mind, and now is no exception. The Bachelor alum is putting past contestant Hannah Brown on blast for her inappropriate and uncalled for use of the N-word slur.

Nick Viall attends the 2019 American Music Awards

In the latest episode of his podcast, The Viall Files, he calls out Brown for filming herself saying the N-word.

“Listen, Hannah Brown has a massive platform. She has been very outspoken about her desire to be a role model specifically to young women out there. She has talked about it a lot. ‘When I was a young girl, this. When I was a young girl, that.’ And quite frankly, her going on Instagram Live – whether she was inebriated or not – and using that word in any context whatsoever is not being a role model,” Viall expressed on the podcast.


He then went on to go further with his disappointment saying, "Certainly not a good one [role model]. And she has to be held to a high standard. We all do. And it is very disappointing to see. Honestly, her initial response was disappointing."

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Viall made it clear that he doesn't think Brown is at all a racist, just that she may be completely ignorant on the issue.


“She has since posted a written apology on her Instagram Stories that is set to expire. As Rachel said on her Instagram Live, that doesn’t read as sincere. We don’t know whether that came from her heart or if it came from her publicist,” he said.

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He continued, “The only authentic reaction right now, as it stands as this Monday morning, is what she just said on her Instagram Live. Frankly, that’s a really, really terrible apology and really insincere and it comes across as, again, ignorant to what she’s speaking on.”

Many of those in the Bachelor Nation have come out to express their thought on the distasteful moment, including Rachel Lindsay, and Tyler Cameron.

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According to Viall, almost every Bachelor Nation alum he's spoken to, all have a "Hannah story."

“If you’re a fan of Hannah, you should not be defending this. If you are Hannah, you should go on your platform and you should tell your fans who are defending it to stop doing it. You have a responsibility and an opportunity to do that,” added Viall.