Meet 'Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp's Twin Sister

Noah Schnapp Twin
October 3, 2020 - 17:09 / Rachel Johnson

Noah Schnapp's twin sister, Chloe, is one of his biggest fans! While fraternal twins, they are still as close as siblings can be. This month they are celebrating their sweet sixteen together! Here is everything we know about Noah Schnapp's twin!

Noah Schnapp and his twin sister Chloe were born October 3, 2004 in Scarsdale, New York. While the twins were born in New York their family has Canadian roots and have spent much of their youth in Montreal. Noah even has Canadian citizenship!

Noah and Chloe, also have another sibling, an adorable pup named Spaghetti! Spaghetti even has his own Twitter which the twins both help to run! 

Noah Schnapp Twin

Noah Schnapp as "Will Byers" Stranger Things Season 2

While Noah Schnapp and his twin share the same birthday and dog, the pair have both chosen separate hobbies. Noah's acting desire would start when he was just five years old and, in addition to his most prominent role as "Will Byers" on hit Netflix series Stranger Things, Noah has also starred in:

  • Steven Spielberg's Bridge of Spies (2015)
  • The Peanut's Movie (2015)
  • and comedy series Liza on Demand (2018).

Since 2016, Noah has played the lead role of "Will Byers" in everyone's favorite Netflix horror sci-fi series, Stranger Things. 

Chloe Schnapp

Chloe Schnapp, on the other hand, doesn't have the same passion for acting that her twin brother does, but is well-known for her impressive Instagram following! With 665,000 followers, Chloe has become a huge Instagram influencer and even has her own jewelry line, Chloebelle Jewelry. 

Even though the twins, who both turn 16 this month, have separate hobbies, they have always been there for each other over the years and Chloe is one of Noah's biggest fans! We look forward to continuing to watch Spaghetti, Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp, and his twin Chloe grow up over the years to come!