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Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette says her new CBS sitcom "really makes people happy".
Pauley Perrette Reunited With 'NCIS' Co-Stars For A Good Cause

Pauley Perrette became known as "Abby" at NCIS. She played the forensic scientist in the crime series "Navy CIS" for a proud 15 years before she announced her withdrawal in 2018.

Pauley Perrette's performance of "Abby Sciuto" in NCIS quickly made the actress an absolute fan favorite. The eccentric forensic scientist also masters image editing and ballistics, making her a valuable part of the Navy CIS team.

Pauley Perrette played the investigator with a soft spot for gothic clothes from 2003 to 2018. During this time she was hardly seen in any other movies or series, but she is a fan favorit at NCIS.

Pauley Perrette: NCIS-"Abby" was her biggest role

Before Pauley Perrette gained fame with "Navy CIS", she played in various smaller projects, which focused a lot on fantasy. Through her involvement with NCIS, she also appeared in the other formats of the series universe in guest roles.

Pauley subsequently justified her withdrawal in May 2018 with accusations against other NCIS colleagues. So far, Pauley has done just a few other projects after NCIS.

Pauley Perrette: Almost as extra as her character 

Her role of the "NCIS-Abby" does not differ much from that of the real Pauley Perrette. The actress likes to wear extravagant clothes and used to have a bald head.

Pauley Perrette was already married, but her 2000 marriage with Coyote Shivers was divorced in 2006. A wedding with her ex, the cameraman Michael Bosman, in 2009 was not legally binding.


- She would like to be a security guard someday.

- Is very passionate about animal rescue and has three rescued dogs.

- She was an undergrad honor student in sociology, psychology, and criminal science.