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Piers Morgan Calls Hugh Grant "Disgusting" After Comment That Britain Is "Finished" After Brexit

Piers Morgan called Hugh Grant "disgusting" after comment that Britain is "finished" after Brexit
January 27, 2020 - 20:31 / Laura Pérez

Hugh Grant considers Britain is "finished" after Brexit. The 59-year-old actor usually voices his opinion on politics, but it seems like some people disagree with him - such as Piers Morgan expressed on Twitter by calling him "disgusting." Get all the details right here...

During an interview with the Associated Press, the 59-year-old English actor Hugh Grant was asked about U.K.'s last month's general election, which saw Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson return to power. The Bridget Jones star referred to it as a "catastrophe" and added that "the country is finished" after Brexit. 

It seems like Piers Morgan didn't like Hugh Grant's opinion. 

Piers Morgan calls Hugh Grant "disgusting"

Hugh Grant usually shares his opinion on politics and has recently spoken about the United Kingdom leaving the European Union on January 31, before entering a transitional period. However, some might disagree with him, such as the English broadcaster and journalist Piers Morgan expressed on Twitter:

It's not surprising seeing Piers Morgan and Hugh Grant in some sort of disagreement, in fact, they frequently exchange insults on Twitter over their personal views on politics.

Piers Morgan's co-host doesn't want to talk about Hugh Grant anymore

This time, Piers Morgan actually wanted to launch a poll asking viewers if they considered Britain was "finished;" but it seems his Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid had had enough; she said: "No, you’re obsessed with Hugh Grant, I don’t want to talk about Hugh Grant anymore!" 

Piers Morgan arriving at the Chain Of Hope Gala Ball held at Grosvenor House, on November 17, 2017 in London, England