Celebrity Profile

Ralph Waite

TV hit series "The Waltons"
Ralph Waite, Richard Thomas and Michael Learned as "John", "John-Boy" and "Olivia Walton" in 'The Waltons'.

Didn't start acting until the age of 30. Which is when he starred as the iconic John Walton Sr. 

He had guest roles on Bones and NCIS. As well as supporting roles in movies like Cool Hand Luke and The Bodyguard.

He wasn't only an actor, he directed a few episodes of The Waltons too. As well as being a political activist. 


He had three daughters from his first marriage. His eldest daughter, Sharon Waite, died of leukemia when she was 9 years old in 1964

Before he was a successful actor, ordained minister and political activist, he was also a social worker.

He was physically healthy and active until contracting pneumonia, which caused his death at age 85.