Celebrity Profile

Robin Williams

A gifted comedian as well as actor. Robin Williams started his career as a stand up comedian and starred in a few smaller TV Series before comitting to acting full time and starring in hits such as Good Will Hunting and Jumanji

His on-stage energy and improvisational skill became a model for a new generation of stand-up comedians. Many comedians valued the way he worked highly personal issues into his comedy routines, especially his honesty about drug and alcohol addiction, along with depression.

His career in movies started with the 1980s film Popeye. Even though he had a background in comedy and was a talented improv comedian, he later on suceeded in more dramatic roles. Even earning him an Oscar for his role in Good Will Hunting.


During the 1970s and 1980s, Williams struggled with substance abuse and alcoholism. He stopped taking drugs after a close friend of his died due to an overdose. 

He started drinking again in 2003 and checked into rehab in 2006. He never fully stayed sober and struggled for his remaining years. After he was diagnosed with Parkinsons and struggling with it for a while, he ended his own life in 2014.