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Rosalía Drops Heartwrenching Ballad "Dolerme" With Inspiring Message

Rosalía Drops Heartbreak Ballad "Dolerme" And Shares An Inspiring Message
March 25, 2020 - 01:20 / Hayley Paskevich

Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía has surprised fans by releasing a brand new song! Hear "Dolerme" and find out why she decided to put it out in the world right now!

Rosalía unexpectedly released a brand-new song, and she's hoping it offers some comfort to her fans! The singer shared the track, which is titled "Dolerme" ("Hurts Me") on Tuesday, posting a link to it on her social media pages. As Entertainment Tonight reports, "Dolerme" is an emotional ballad that "details heartbreak and describes a person who always put her partner before her, always changed for them, and the subsequent disappointment with the end of the relationship".

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Rosalía poses backstage during rehearsals for the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards on January 23, 2020.

Rosalía's message to fans: "please take care of yourselves"

Rosalía also wrote a message in Spanish to her fans about why she chose to write and release "Dolerme" at this time. "Many of us are in quarantine and many are taking risks to help others outside of home," she explained. "I am in quarantine and I have lost track of time a bit because I decided that I was not going to think about it too much and that instead I was going to put my energy and my heart into doing something for others, in my own way".

The singer, who has recently been spending time in the recording studio, went on to talk about how creating music is something that is beneficial to her own well-being. "I know that what I do as an artist may seem expendable, for some it will be, but for me being able to make music is mental health," Rosalía shared. "This song is called 'Dolerme' and I hope it makes you feel a little better like it did to me when I made it. Please take care of yourselves and take care of all those around you, with all my love".

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Listen to Spanish singer Rosalía's brand-new song "Dolerme" here!