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"Shauni McClain": Where Is The Star Of 'Baywatch' Today?

Baywatch stars Erika Eleniak and Billy Warlock in 1992.
August 7, 2019 - 09:39 / Administrator User

Erika Eleniak was a living dream for many men in the late eighties. The blonde starred as "Shauni McClain" in the first two seasons of Baywatch. However, many years have passed since Erika Eleniak’s big break. Find out here what she is doing today.

During the eighties, Erika Eleniak graced countless Playboy covers and was one of the most popular playmates in the USA. Her modeling career paved her way to Hollywood.

Erika Eleniak found fame on Baywatch

Before she took on a leading role in the popular TV series Baywatch, she scored supporting roles in various series. From 1989 to 1992, Erika starred as the sweet "Shauni McClain" in the cult series Baywatch.

The stars of Baywatch: Erika Eleniak, Parker Stevenson and David Hasselhoff.
The stars of Baywatch: Erika Eleniak, Parker Stevenson and David Hasselhoff.

During her time on the show, Eleniak got engaged to co-star Billy Warlock, who played Eddie Kramer. However, the two separated in 1992 and Erika left the series. Many fans were shocked by her sudden exit,  but her successor  none other than Pamela Anderson, so ruffled feathers were soon smoothed over!

Erika Eleniak: "Shauni McClain" today

In recent years, Erika has had guest appearances on various talk shows and TV series. In 2018, she played the leading role in Marilyn Monroe Back? and also starred in the drama Core Values.

Erika Eleniak played "Shauni McClain" on Baywatch.
Erika Eleniak played "Shauni McClain" on Baywatch.

Erika Eleniak only got married once and, unfortunately, the marriage only lasted for six months. Since 2001 she has been in a relationship with Roch Daigle, with whom she has a daughter.