'Sledge Hammer!': This Is David Rasche Today

David Rasche - the Sledge Hammer! star today.
August 16, 2019 - 07:38 / Marion Wierl

David Rasche became famous starring in the series Sledge Hammer! and audiences loved how he made them laugh time and time again. To this day, David Rasche has remained devoted to show business and is constantly working on new productions, which is no mean feat at 73!

"Trust me, I know what I'm doing" was David Rasche's (73) best known line in Sledge Hammer!. From 1986 to 1988, the comedy thriller series was revered for its comic scenes and audiences loved David's character, Sledge, who had an eccentric wardrobe to say the least, and who was often seen sporting striped shirts, flowered ties and plaid jackets. Almost 30 years have passed since the successful series ended and David Rasche still enjoys being in front of the camera.

Harrison Page, Anne-Marie Martin and David Rasche
The stars of the series Sledge Hammer!: Harrison Page, Anne-Marie Martin and David Rasche.

David Rasche: 40 years of professional experience

After graduating from Chicago University, David Rasche originally began his career on stage. He was soon cast in numerous feature films and television series though and became a household name overnight when he was cast as Sledge in the cult series Sledge Hammer!. David Rasche later appeared in Men in Black III, Just Married and Burn After Reading, as well as in TV series such as Law & Order and Malcolm in the Middle

David Rasche: Father of three

In 1980 David Rasche married his wife Heather Lupton. He met and fell in love with her in New York City back in 1976 and they have been together since. Heather is also an actress and even had a guest appearance in Sledge Hammer as Sledge's ex-wife! Luckily, they are still married in real life and have raised three children together. True love still seems to exist in some corners of Hollywood! 

David Rasche in "Sledge Hammer!"
David Rasche alias "Sledge" in the series Sledge Hammer!.

David Rasche: He loves the camera

Even at seventy-three, David is not ready to retire yet. Over the last ten years, he has worked on no less than 17 productions, and appeared regularly on Veep from 2013 to 2016.  His most recent role was in the sitcom Impastor. We hope that he will continue to act for many years to come. Rasche really is one of the industry's treasures!