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New Super Bowl Commercial Reveals What Whoopi Goldberg And Other Celebs Order At McDonald's

Whoopi Goldberg
January 31, 2020 - 20:34 / Laura Pérez

Have you ever wondered what Whoopi Goldberg, Kim Kardashian or Magic Johnson order at McDonald's? A new Super Bowl commercial has just revealed what some celebrities like to eat at the fast-food restaurant. Watch the clip here!

From Kanye West to Magic Johnson, a new Super Bowl commercial has just revealed what famous people like to order at McDonald's! 

Check it out here: 

While Whoopi's choice seems to be quite "normal," some others are quite unusual, such as Kim Kardashian's favourite meal. The internet went crazy after seeing the mom-of-four's McDonald's choice, but she took to Twitter to defend her position:

New Super Bowl commercial adds a funny twist

The iconic fast-food restaurant is one of those brands that has bee crossing generations and demographics. No wonder why the commercial even included a funny twist showing off what "Dracula" and "Julius Caesar" would order! It seems like everybody can relate to McDonald's!