Celebrity Profile

Tanya Roberts

Actress and producer Tanya Roberts was born on October 15 in 1955 under the name Victoria Leigh Blum in New York City, New York. After living in Toronto, Canada, for several years, she eventually returned to New York City where she met her husband Barry Roberts, whom she married when she was 19. After already working as a fashion and cover model, she started studying at the famous Actors Studio and henceforth went by the stage name Tanya Roberts.

What followed were some off-Broadway roles and an eventual move to Hollywood with her husband, who was starting to get some traction as a screenwriter. After starring in a couple of TV pilots, who were not picked up, she managed to score the role of "Julie Rogers" in the fifth season of Charlie's Angels, alongside Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd. Unfortunately, Roberts' presence on the show could not save it, and it was discontinued in 1981 after five seasons.

Roberts went on to star in the 1982 adventure film The Beastmaster in the role of "Kiri" and in the movie Sheena: Queen of the Jungle, which was a real bomb with critics and at the box office. In 1985, she was the "Bond" girl alongside Roger Moore as "James Bond" in A View To Kill and garnered the nomination for a Razzie Award. She took on the role of "Maude Pinciotti" in That 70's Show, but left the show when her husband became terminally ill in 2001. Barry died in 2006, they had no children and Tanya currently resides in Hollywood Hills, California.