'The Big Bang Theory': This Is "Stuart Bloom" In 2020

The Big Bang Theory: This Is "Stuart Bloom" In 2020
June 27, 2020 - 20:50 / Rachel Johnson

Kevin Sussman became an integral part of The Big Bang Theory, and while a smaller role, the show would not have been the same without zany comic book store owner "Stuart Bloom". Find out what Kevin is up to in 2020 right here!

Before he was winning over fans of The Big Bang Theory, Kevin Sussman had already risen to fame from his time on popular television drama Ugly Betty. Kevin would take on the part of "Walter" in season 1 of Ugly Betty for a total of 16 episodes before making his way to the cast of The Big Bang Theory.

Kevin actually got his start in acting by taking on nerdy and geeky roles on TV commercials in the early 2000s for companies like FedEx. Ironically, Kevin also worked as a comic book store owner before he became an actor. All of these experiences would make him perfect for the part of "Stuart Bloom"!

Simon Helberg, Kevin Sussman, and Jim Parsons The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 11 

The Big Bang Theory: Kevin Sussman as "Stuart Bloom"

While Kevin Sussman would originally audition for the role of "Sheldon Cooper", the role would end up going to Jim Parsons. Kevin then decided to give the character of "Barry Kripke" a try, but the role would go to John Ross Bowie.

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Finally on his third audition, Kevin landed the part of "Stuart Bloom" and we cannot imagine him in any other role! Kevin would play comic book store owner "Stuart" for a total of 72 episodes from 2009 until the series ended in 2019. 

Kevin Sussman and Whitney Rice attending Series Finale Party For CBS' The Big Bang Theory 2019

Kevin Sussman Today

In 2017, Kevin Sussman divorced his wife of 11 years, actress Alessandra Young, and was briefly dating actress Whitney Rice. The 49-year-old bachelor now appears to be in a new relationship with book enthusiast Sarah Friedman, who is part of the Reading Club LA. 

While The Big Bang Theory only just ended last year, Kevin Sussman has been staying busy and made his return to television commercials. Make sure to try and catch him in his latest advertisement for Progressive Insurance!

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