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Lee Majors and his wife Faith Majors

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Lee Majors had his big breakthrough starring in The Six Million Dollar Man and the role acted as a catalyst for a fantastic career. The hunky actor became a cult figure playing "Colt Seavers" in The Fall Guy, but what has he been up to since then?

The actor Lee Majors (80) shot to stardom as astronaut "Steve Austin" in the series The Six Million Dollar Man. In the series, which is based on the novel Cyborg, "Steve" sustains life-threatening injuries during a plane crash and can only be saved by a six-million-dollar operation.

Some of his body parts are replaced by bionic ones, giving his character superhuman strength, and he soon becomes employed as a secret agent by a fictional US government office. Lee Majors starred in the series as a cyborg until 1987, defeating dangerous scientists and annihilating aliens.

Lee Majors in „Sechs-Millionen-Dollar Mann"

Lee Majors: His amazing career

After the series finished, the actor achieved great popularity a second time four years later in his role as the stuntman and bounty hunter Colt Seavers in The Fall Guy. The show's theme song titled The Unknown Stuntman was sung by Lee himself. Up until today, Colt Seavers is one of television's cult figures and reruns of all five shows are often aired.

The Fall Guy cast

The Fall Guy cast

Lee remained a sought-after actor after the final season in 1986 and was given recurring parts in Raven and The Game, as well as small parts in series such as Cold Case, Grey's Anatomy and Dallas.

Lee Majors today

In 2007 he starred in a Honda commercial, which was based on the original The Fall Guy title sequence. He appeared in several episodes of the series Ash vs Evil Dead in 2016 and fans were able to see him in the horror film Dead Rising as well as in the television film Eat, Play, Love in August of 2017.

Lee Majors has lived up to his reputation as a ladies' man, having been married four times and he has one daughter and three sons. He has been married to the actress and model Faith Majors since 2002.