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'The Great British Bake Off': Winner Frances Quinn Today

Jo Wheatley, Natalie Coleman, Frances Quinn, Rachel Allen,Tim Anderson as Celebrities from the Great British Bake Off and MasterChef winners join members of international aid charities VSO, World Vision, Mico Loan Foundation, Restless Development and Plan UK

October 9, 2019 - 10:10 / Philip Faukland-Pollard

Frances Quinn, the former winner of The Great British Bake Off season 4 has been busy baking as usual and sharing it all on her Instagram account. Read here to find out what Quinn is doing today!

Frances Quinn is best known for winning The Great British Bake Off season 4 in 2013. She is also a children's clothing designer. She has released a book as well and her first book release was Quinntessential Baking. Quinn regularly takes part in cookery demonstrations and food festivals.

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Introducing my Arctic Roulade crEATed especially for @britishbakeoff to celebrate this weeks #dessertweek Given the brief to come up with a signature roulade, my mind naturally played with the words as much as the food! Much like the brief for my very first signature bake on #gbbo A signature sandwich cake couldn't have been anything but sandwich shaped The technical challenge was whether it should be cut into squares or triangles?! This roulade crEATion is another literal twist/roll on some of my favourite classic retro desserts. All combined and rolled up in one giant arctic roulade. Using meringue rather than sponge, the roulade itself is wrapped rather than twisted up around a sweetened cream filling. A filling which once frozen turns into a delicious ice-cream, thanks to the easy no churn ice-cream base. Combining both cream cheese, double cream and vanilla bean paste together with a twist of lemon zest, the ice cream creates a delicious tangy cheesecake like taste. Which when rippled together with the fresh raspberries and raspberry sauce produces both a raspberry cheesecake and raspberry ripple taste sensation Heightened by the decoration of waffle cones filled with the extra ice cream mixture, more raspberry sauce and freeze dried raspberry sprinkles! In fact the off cuts of meringue can be turned into an arctic Eton mess folded through the ice cream One scoop/slice or two, here's to celebrating more than one retro dessert in one unforgettable mouthful The full recipe can be found over on the #greatbritishbakeoff website and am sending extra servings to @stephiblackwell @priyaoshea both very much stars in my mind ✨ #quinntessential #crEATes #arcticroulade #frozenetonmess #raspberryripple

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Quinn is busy baking

Although Quinn is a children's clothing designer she has fully focused on her baking and her book writing. This can be seen on her Instagram where her feed is littered with baking tips, delightful recipes and sweet treats in general. 

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Celebrating #nationalhoneybeeday with a look back at my Bee-Jewelled Honeycomb Florentines ✨ CrEATed especially for @alexmonroejewellery to celebrate all things, bees, jewellery and #internationalwomensday A day when I was honored to be asked by Alex and the brand to be one of their inspiring 'Queen Bees' who wear their bumble bee necklace. A signature piece of jewellery I love dearly and very much the inspiration behind this honeycomb shaped bake. The crEATion itself was an adaption of my original Florentines made for @florence @florenceandthemachine Rather than left round, these Florentines were cut into honeycomb shapes once baked. The mixture of which contained all the flavours found in my orange blossom marzipan bees. From flaked almonds, to orange zest and orange blossom honey. Covered in clusters of gold and silver sugared almonds, pieces of honeycomb, pumpkin seeds and pistachios (to reference the colour of the brands jewellery boxes-which also make great chocolate biscuit boxes!) Plus a little sprinkle of edible gold dust✨With an individual Queen Marzipan Bee painted and positioned on each Florentine. Here's to celebrating both bee and bake today, during #afternoonteaweek and beyond! #quinntessentialbaking #creates #alexmonroejewellery #beejewelled #honeycomb #florentines @shotbymandy♥️

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