'The Pretender': This Is Andrea Parker In 2020

The Pretender: This Is Andrea Parker in 2020
March 8, 2020 - 18:20 / Rachel Johnson

Andrea Parker's first big role was on the NBC series The Pretender in 2000 and the show gained her quite the fan base! Find out what Andrea has been up to in the new millennium right here! 

Before getting into the acting industry, Andrea Parker was actually trained in ballet as a child and was a professional ballerina by the age of 15! After making the switch to acting in the late 1980s, Andrea's first appearances were small roles in TV series like Seinfeld and ER. 

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Andrea even had the chance to star in hit 1990 romance film Pretty Woman as Julia Roberts body double! Her successful roles in the 90s would lead to her big break in 1996 on NBC's The Pretender!

Andrea Parker guest starred on TV series Seinfeld and ER in the 1990s

Andrea Parker in The Pretender

Andrea played the roles of "Miss Parker" and "Catherine Parker" on 4 seasons of the series from 1996 until the show was cancelled in 2000. Her lead role was the nemesis of "Jared" aka the pretender, who was able to use his genius to change into anyone he wanted! 

Parker went on to star in the revival films of The Pretender that appeared on TNT in the early 2000s. Fans fell in love with the independent and strong "Miss Parker" and the role helped Andrea's career take off!

Andrea Parker at the 2014 Season 7 Premiere of Pretty Little Liars

Andrea Parker in 2020

From 2011-2012, Andrea played "Jane Carlson" on the ABC show Desperate Housewives before going on to star in a variety of roles on the hit series Pretty Little Liars in seasons 2, 4, and 7! 

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The now 50-year-old actress has been married since 2007 to producer and actor Michael Birnbaum, who is most well known for his role in 2006's John Tucker Must Die and 2001 film Bandits. The couple have no kids except for an adorable cat named Puss Puss