The Sweetest Celebrity Father's Day Tributes

The Sweetest Celebrity Father's Day Tributes
June 22, 2020 - 10:50 / Anna Valenzuela Rosas

These stars made some of the sweetest public thank's to their awesome Dad's, get ready to have your heart melt. Happy Father's Day to all amazing Dad's!


These lucky stars made beautiful and loving tributes to their Dad's, Stepdad's, Fathers-in-law, and father's of their children, Get your tissues ready!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Duchess Catherine posted a double whammy of Father appreciation, a few shots of outnumbered William being tackled by his 3 gorgeous little ones and of William and Charles wearing huge smiles on their faces!

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Michelle Obama

The former First Lady posted an adorable throwback photo of her heroic husband and their daughter Malia and Sasha and even thanked all the American's who felt like he was their dad too.

Drew Barrymore

The Charlie's Angels star posted a unique thanks to her dad, acknowledging her father's flaws and absence that made her the incredible woman she is today. "I don’t have a picture of a dad today to show how great everything was. I have a picture to show what it was. And that is my story. And that is perfect in itself."

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My mom chose a wild card for my dad. He was a mad poet hedonist man child! But I understood that as a kid. Somehow I have zero baggage or dad issues. I think I would have liked to have a dad who didn't look so out there. Or who stayed. Or was capable of anything really. But his wildness runs through me. His gifts are here. His demons to overcome are mine to break! I love him not for who I wanted him to be, but for who he was. And as I look at all the photos of dads today, doing their dad job, sure, there is my tiny self that wished for him to fit in. But he never did. And I'm not sure I did either. And I'm not sure what anything is supposed to look like, or what it really is beyond the images?! But I do know this... both my parents have played a major role in who i am as a parent. And none of it looks perfect. But it functions with so much love. And togetherness. And availability. I don't have a picture of a dad today to show how great everything was. I have a picture to show what it was. And that is my story. And that is perfect in itself. My dad gave me the gift of life! A wicked sense of humor! And that wildness that I truly do cherish.

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Jennifer Lopez

Leave it to J-Lo to go all out for the fathers in her life. The "Dinero" singer posted 3 sweet tributes and video montages dedicated to the father of her kids Marc Anthony, her father, and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, and boy are they beautiful!

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Goldie Hawn

Goldie's famous husband Kurt Russell is also famously one of the most loving stepdad's in Hollywood! He came in and raised her kids as his own, to the point where Kate Hudson considers him her true father. Goldie posted a photo that seems to perfectly embody Kurt as a whole...

Matt James

The new Bachelor, Matt James made a post than many people around the world can relate to. His father's day post was dedicated to... his mom! Some moms have to be both mom and dad and deserve recognition on this day too. 

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Happy Fathers Day Mom . . . Psalms 68:5 ❤️

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