"Two and a Half Men": Marin Hinkle Today

Marin Hinkle and Angus T. Jones at the Emmy Awards in 2007.

She is probably best known from the sitcom Two and a Half Men, but Marin Hinkle was already successful before her time as "Judith Harper-Melnick". We have all the information on what the actress is up to today.

Marin Hinkle (52) played "Alan's" (Jon Cryer, 53) ex-wife and the mother of "Jake" (Angus T. Jones, 24) on Two and a Half Men. In real life, Marin actually wanted to be a ballerina. A nasty ankle injury ruined her dream career, so she decided to pursue a career as an actress instead.

The original "Two and a Half Men" cast

The original cast of Two and a Half Men.

Hinkle first gained acting experiences on the theater stage, where she performed in several plays on Broadway. In 1999, she transitionend into television. Marin Hinkle appeared in the soap opera Another World before starring on the series Once And Again for four years.

Two and a Half Men: Twelve years with Marin Hinkle

After several guest appearances in shows like Law & Order and E.R., she was cast as "Judith Harper-Melnick" in Two and a Half Men. As "Alan's" neurotic ex wife, Hinkle sometimes made life hell for the shared flat of "Charlie" (Charlie Sheen, 52) and its other residents.

Marin Hinkle alias "Judith Harper" in "Two and a Half Men"

Marin Hinkle alias "Judith Harper" in "Two and a Half Men".

During the twelve seasons of the series, Hinkle's role moved more and more into the background. For the last three seasons, Marin actually only had a recurring role. However, the decline in her appearances in "Two and a Half Men" can be easily explained: She was too busy.

Marin Hinkle: Always working

The role of "Samantha Bowers", which she had taken on for the crime series "Deception" simply left too little time for other acting jobs. During and after her time on Two and a Half MenMarin also appeared in other series, including Castle, ans she had a recurring role on Madam Secretary. Since 2017, Marin Hinkle has been thrilling audiences in the award-winning series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Marin Hinkle in the series "Castle"

Marin Hinkle in an episode of the series "Castle".

In real life, Marin Hinkle has been married to the lawyer Randal Sommer since 1998. In interviews, the actress repeatedly states that marriage and family have the single top priority for her. Marin Hinkle and Randal Sommer alsp have a child together.