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Ozzy Osbourne Has Big Music Plans As Health Is Improving: "You Can't Stop Him"

Ozzy Osbourne Has New Album & Tour In The Works As Health Improves: "You Can't Stop Him"
July 17, 2020 - 23:06 / Lucas Anderson

Sharon Osbourne just revealed some very promising news about husband Ozzy Osbourne's health! She says that he's "getting stronger every day" and is already working on a new album. Not only that, but he hopes to return to finish his farewell tour when he's able to. Read on for Sharon's full comments and health update.

Ozzy Osbourne is on the mend and already thinking about new music and a tour. Sharon Osbourne shared this update in a new appearance on the podcast of TV star and comedian Steve-O.

The Black Sabbath frontman has been dealing with various health issues over the past few years, which have included a bad fall and the revelation that he's battling Parkinson's disease.

Good news: Sharon Osbourne's health update on Ozzy Osbourne

During the July 16 podcast appearance, Sharon revealed Ozzy's health progress and his ambitious plans for a new album and the continuation of his farewell tour. The Prince of Darkness did release the solo album Ordinary Man in February of this year with Andrew Watt, and a second project is already underway.

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"He's starting his second album with Andrew Watt right now," Sharon told Steve-O. "And you can't stop him. He's doing it." The 71-year-old musician originally also had plans for a 2020 farewell tour, but it was called off after he required surgery following his fall in 2019. He's not wrapping up his touring career that way, though, Sharon adds.

"Ozzy says that as far as performing goes, he has to end it his way," she said. "Because it was his farewell tour that he was on, but he still had a year to do of that tour, and there were seats sold for the next year, but the accident stopped it all."

Ozzy Osbourne is "doing really, really good," Sharon said

As for his overall health, Sharon, 67, says Ozzy is "getting stronger everyday."

"He's doing really, really good," she said of her husband of 38 years. "At one point, they thought he would never walk again, but he is – he's walking and he's doing great. He's been hit by so much medically, but he's doing good."

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne in January 2020.

This all comes as great news for fans of the metal musician and reality TV star. He was also in the news in recent weeks for a mock presidential campaign announcement which came days after Kanye West's much-discussed presidential run.