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Anne Archer: This Was Her Famous Father John

Find out who Anne Archer's famous parents are!
October 24, 2019 - 22:30 / Cynthia Springer

Oscar nominated actress Anne Archer was born to be a starlet on the red carpet. She has not only one, but two famous Hollywood parents! Both were prominent actors of the black-and-white screen from the 1940's even up until the 1980's. Find out just who exactly raised Anne to be the iconic actress she is today!

Having been born and raised in Los Angeles, Anne Archer is the daughter of actors John Archer and Marjorie Lord. Her father, John, had always known he wanted to be in the film industry. He was actually born in Nebraska, but moved at the age of 5 to Southern California.

John Archer was a leading Hollywood actor

John Archer in the 1950 film, Destination Moon

John Archer attended Hollywood High School, and then studied at the University of Southern California (USC) for cinematography. He initially wanted only to focus on the production of films behind the camera, not as an actor. However, struggles to land a job forced him into trying out radio and acting in small theatre productions. After a few stage productions, John had won a radio contest which landed him his first acting contract. He began his first film in 1938 and his last in 1986.

Anne's parents: Marjorie and John in Sherlock Holmes in Washington

Don Terry, Marjorie Lord and John Archer in the 1943 film, Sherlock Holmes in Washington

Overall, John had starred in dozens and dozens of films that are specially remembered today. He had met his first wife, actress Marjorie Lord, during a stage production in Los Angeles. The successful couple was married from 1941-1953, and bore their child Anne in 1947. Sadly, his life tragically ended in 1999 due to lung cancer at age 84. John's most famous works include films like White Heat, Destination Moon, Blue Hawaii and Ten Thousand Bedrooms.