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Diana's Former Butler issues a warning to Meghan

The Duchess of Sussex shows off her engagement ring
January 8, 2019 - 19:45 / Administrator User

Princess Diana's former butler issued a dire warning via Channel 5's  documentary Kate V Meghan: Princesses at War, which aired last Sunday. He likened Meghan to Princess Diana, both independent, strong women in his eyes, and claimed that he saw dark times ahead for the Duchess of Sussex...

Paul Burrell (60), who was the late Princess Diana's butler spoke out on Sunday in Channel 5's somewhat risqué documentary Kate V Meghan: Princesses at War. Over the years the former royal butler has often spoken out about the Royal Family's treatment of Diana and has written a number of memoirs about his time working for the royals. 

Burrell claimed that he sees difficult times ahead, as Meghan, an undoubtedly twenty-first century woman who avidly believes in feminism, has joined the "most traditional family in the country". He went on to state that unless the Duchess of Sussex "does as she is told" she will risk the wrath of senior members of the Royal Family.

The Duchess of Sussex
The Duchess of Sussex 

Meghan Struggling With Constraints Of New Life

Meghan might be struggling though, according to Us Weekly, she is finding the constraints of her new life as a duchess difficult, "frustrating and stressful". She has had to come to terms with various family problems whilst keeping a dignified silence. Duchess Meghan also holds some views that do not go hand in hand with those of the more traditional members of the Royal Family. She loves animals and so cannot abide hunting. 

Princess Diana with her tiara at the wedding to prince charles in 1981
Princess Diana with the tiara at her wedding in 1981.

Burrell went on to state that he was worried about how Meghan will cope with her new role as Duchess of Sussex, saying "Princess Diana was brought up in a house that was as big as Buckingham Palace, and even she was lost". He added, "Buckingham Palace is a minefield for any person going in there for a first time. People set traps, they weren't very kind to this young girl coming into this world", before delivering a final damning blow by asking, "who would want to be part of that family?". 

Apart from these dire warnings, the former butler did however at least offer some advice, he advised Meghan to "stay close to Harry" and to become firm friends with the Queen.

The reported rift between the Cambridges and the Sussexes led many to believe that Meghan might be having some problems settling into royal life, but judging by the pictures of Meghan and Kate on Christmas Day we think that the rumours might all be nothing more than hot air. We have to say, we think Meghan has been doing a great job so far, and we hope that 2019 will be a good year for the the Duchess of Sussex!