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Duchess Meghan: Her Close Relationship With God

Duchess Meghan
February 7, 2019 - 19:36 / Sarah Schulz

Duchess Meghan has remained relatively quiet about her faith, but recently a longtime friend has opened up to People about how her faith and relationship with God is a very essential part of her life. 

Meghan Markle's longtime friend has recently opened up to People about how the Duchess' faith is an essential part of her life. Her friend opened up by saying, "Meg is extremely faithful, we pray a lot together. We meditate. She has had, and especially has now, a very close relationship with God."

Duchess Meghan
Duchess Meghan

Baptized in a secret ceremony

Duchess Meghan (37) was baptized in a secret ceremony last spring before her wedding to Prince Harry. This act was a significant nod to the Queen and had very special meaning for her and her faith. Meghan was baptized by the Archbishop Justin Welby who also officiated her wedding and she continues to be very fond of him and the guidance he has provided. 

Duchess Meghan
Duchess Meghan

"I can't think of anything more ridiculous"

When rumours surfaced that Duchess Meghan insisted that St. George's Chapel be sprayed with air freshener before the wedding ceremony, Meghan's friend said "I can't think of anything more ridiculous. If people knew how spiritual she is and how serious and respectful she takes her relationship with God - she would never ask for something like that," according to People

It seems as though her strong faith has helped the Duchess navigate her new role in the royal family and it's very hard for us to imagine just how challenging it would be to take on such an incredibly prestigious and demanding role through marriage. We applaud the Duchess.