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Duchess Meghan: That's how well she gets along with Duchess Catherine & the Queen

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Queen Elizabeth II open the new Mersey Gateway Bridge
January 21, 2019 - 18:05 / Marion Wierl

Duchess Meghan doesn't have it easy right now, to say the least. After the latest interview with her father Thomas Markle, the situation is more tense than ever before. But Meghan is lucky: she has the support of brother-in-law's wife and the Queen.

Since her marriage to Prince Harry (33) in May this year, Duchess Meghan (37) has been part of the British royal family. As it turns out, the former actress and model has already made some close friends there. As the historian Robert Lacey (74) tells "People" magazine, Duchess Meghan apparently gets along very well with Duchess Catherine (36) and Queen Elizabeth II (92).

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
Duchess Meghan: There are new pictures with baby Archie from Canada!

Duchess Meghan is close friends with the Queen and Duchess Catherine

Especially after the latest interview give by her father Thomas Markle, Duchess Catherine supports Meghan in these difficult times. "What’s characterized these months are the two great relationships that she has struck up with the Queen and with Catherine. They seem to be her closest friends and partners in the official set-up [...]", Robert Lacey explained.  

Duchess Meghan and Duchess Catherine laughing together
Duchess Meghan and Duchess Catherine obviously have fun in each other's company.

Duchess Meghan was accepted into the royal family very early on. As Prince Harry himself said in his engagement interview, even the Queen's Corgis were simply enchanted with the Duchess. No wonder the Queen and Meghan hit it off right away.