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Fashion faux pas! Duchess Meghan flashes bra

Meghan Markle wearing Club Monaco
August 15, 2018 - 15:45 / Administrator User

The fashion faux pas police must have had a field day on Duchess Meghan's 37th birthday!  The beautiful brunette and her husband Prince Harry were at a friend's wedding, when Meghan's dress gaped open to reveal her bra. Since then, rumours have abounded that this may have been more of a calculated move than accident...

Duchess Meghan (37) has been an official member of the British Royal Family since marrying Prince Harry (33) in May 2018. Being a royal entails a number of duties and tasks and, amongst other things, there is also a strict dress code, one which, unfortunately, Meghan has now broken yet again.

Meghan and Harry were guests at one of Harry's close friend's wedding on 5th August 2018, which happened also to be Meghan's 37th birthday. The gorgeous duchess wore an elegant pleated dress, but the unthinkable happened and the top button of her dress opened to reveal her lacy black bra.

Meghan and Harry attend  Charlie van Straubenzee and Daisy Jenks's Wedding
Meghan and Harry attend  Charlie van Straubenzee and Daisy Jenks's Wedding

A Twitter War

Even though the Duchess quickly noticed and buttoned her dress back up, some haters took to Twitter, with many tweeting that the bra flash wasn't such an accident after all. And one person even tweeted, "Meghan stole everyone's show with her intentional wardrobe malfunction."

Luckily others came to Meghan's rescue tweeting, "I assume the good news is that she wore a nice lace bra."

Meghan Duchess of Sussex
Meghan Duchess of Sussex has such a gorgeous smile. 

Etiquette-expert Myka Meier told People magazine that as Meghan most likely did not want to show off her lingerie, the small accident is not a violation of the royal dress code. "Meghan did not break the royal protocol when her bra was visible as accidents or wardrobe malfunctions are not seen as violations of the dress code".