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James Middleton Shares Adorable Pictures Of His New Puppy Nala

James Middleton's Shares Adorable Pictures Of His New Puppy Nala
May 26, 2020 - 11:10 / Sarah Schulz

Duchess Kate's younger brother James Middleton is definitely a dog person! He took to Instagram to share the cutest pictures of the newest addition to his family! See them below... 

James Middleton loves to show off his 6 dogs on social media and is a proud dog dad. His official Instagram bio even reads: "Dog Dad to Ella, Zulu, Inka, Luna, Mabel & Nala" and he is an ambassador at the Pets As Therapy UK charity! Just yesterday, James introduced Nala Middleton in the most adorable pictures!

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"Introducing Nala Middleton. She is daughter of Zulu & granddaughter of Ella. I cannot wait to share many adventures with her and the rest of the pack (Ps more very exciting news to share soon)" is what he captioned the series of photos. 

James Middleton Shares Cute Pictures Of New Dog Nala

The gorgeous new addition to his family is a 10-week old pup whose mom Zulu is also part of James' dog family! The cryptic ending to the post about "more very exciting news to share soon" has fans wondering if it's about his latest business venture, Ella & Co.

James Middleton and Ella & Co

Ella & Co was recently unveiled and is a well-being and happiness company for dogs! On his new website, James writes: "It's nearly impossible to fully calculate our pets’ value. While we wouldn't think twice about the little things we do for ourselves – morning coffee, gym memberships, dinners out and spending money at the pub – we can forget about investing in our pets' long-term health and wellbeing."

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As ambassador to Pets As Therapy and as a PAT volunteer myself, I am delighted to be able to help support this amazing charity throughout this unprecedented time. I will be going live along with PAT's National Volunteer & Events Manager Matt Robinson at 6.30pm on Thursday 21st May on my channel @jmidy and the Barking Heads channel @barkingheads We'll discuss how PAT volunteers across the UK help those struggling with Mental Health as well as how my own dogs have and continue to help me. It would be fantastic if you could donate whatever you can afford to help PAT continue to provide its wonderful services... please see the campaign link in my bio. Barking Heads are supporting PAT during this Mental Health Awareness week, members of their wonderful team have pledged to fundraise on behalf of PAT...

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We will have to wait and see what the new exciting news is going to be! Stay tuned...