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New Photo Of Cute Prince Louis Released To Thank Royal Fans For Birthday Well-Wishes

New photo of cute Prince Louis released to thank royal fans.
August 4, 2020 - 10:15 / Clemens Fanger

A new photo of Prince Louis was released by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to thank those royal fans who sent well-wishes to the royal family on the prince's second birthday. See the new picture of cute Louis below and see how much he looks like his older brother Prince George and his maternal grandfather...!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have sent a new photo of their youngest son Prince Louis to those royal fans who sent birthday greetings to the little prince back in April as he celebrated his second birthday.

New picture of Prince Louis sent to royal fans!

The new picture of Prince Louis was shared on an Instagram account of a royal fan based in Germany and the photo appears to be on the front of a thank you card sent to well wishers. The message on the card reads: "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appreciated your kind thought in writing to Prince Louis as you did on the occasion of his second birthday."

It looks like this new picture of the prince was actually taken by the Duchess of Cambridge on the same day as those released by William and Kate on their Instagram account for Louis' birthday in April. At the time, they released two new pictures of Louis playing with paint and having a great time.

Looking at the cute new picture of Louis, we couldn't help but see the resemblance not only to his big brother Prince George, whose new portrait was released on his 7th birthday in July, but also to his maternal grandfather, Michel Middleton. And it turns out the royal fans agree, as you can see in the Tweet below...!

Duchess Kate in a recent interview admitted that Louis (naturally) cannot really grasp the concept of social distancing and that he breaks lockdown rules. "[...] Louis doesn't understand social distancing. So he goes out wanting to cuddle everything, particularly any babies younger than him."