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Prince Charles: See The Cute Throwback Picture From Queen Elizabeth's Coronation

The Prince of Wales with his wife and his mother, Queen Elizabeth II in 2017.

3. Juni 2019 - 15:59 Uhr / Clemens Fanger

In honour of the 66th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, the Royal Collection Trust posted a Throwback photo showing the young Prince Charles at the coronation of his mother in 1953. But he doesn't seem very enthusiastic about it. 

On Sunday 2 June, Queen Elizabeth II (93) celebrated the 66th anniversary of her coronation. On this occasion, the Royal Collection Trust posted a throwback photo on Instagram showing the then 5-year-old Prince Charles (70), his grandmother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (†101) and his aunt Princess Margaret (†71) at the ceremony. The caption read: "On this day in 1953 The Queen’s coronation took place. This photograph shows a young Prince Charles standing between his grandmother (Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother) and aunt (Princess Margaret)."

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The little Prince Charles, however, looks anything but cheerful in the picture. He just looks as if he's somewhere else. Which is understandable, since the ceremony took about three hours.

On Instagram the comments are already piling up under the funny throwback photo. One user jokes, Prince Charles might still be waiting for the time of his own coronation. Another user suspects how Charles must have felt at that moment: "Prince Charles: 'This may take a while'".

Especially amusing: The picture looks almost exactly like a photo taken in June 2017 of Prince Charles' grandson Prince George (5). At the annual 'Trooping the Colour' parade for the occasion of the Queen's birthday, he also seemed a little bored.

Prince George seemed a little bored at the 2017 'Trooping The Colour' on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. (© Getty Images)

The 'Trooping the Colour' parade will take place again this year - this time in honour of the Queen's 93rd birthday. Duchess Meghan (37) could even return to this event from her baby break. Whether Archie herself will be seen at the parade is questionable.