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19. September 2018 - 19:55 Uhr / Marion Wierl
He thinks the Palace is too old-fashioned

Prince Charles will not live in Buckingham Palace when he is King

Prinz Charles: Der ewige Thronfolger wird heute 65 Jahre alt

Prince Charles: The everlasting heir to the British throne.

Prince Charles is first in line to the British throne. Traditionally, this would mean that Charles will move into Buckingham Palace, where Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip currently live, when he is crowned king. The next king, however, seems to have completely different plans.

Prince Charles (69) currently lives in Clarence House with his second wife Camilla (70), a smaller building on the grounds of St. James Palace, not far from Buckingham Palace. The idea of having to upsize to Buckingham Palace does not appeal to the Prince at all, according to Hello!.

Prince Charles and Camilla in Scotland

This photo was taken back in 2015 in Scotland.

Prince Charles does not want to live in Buckingham Palace. As a source told Hello! that Charles is of the opinion that maintaining Buckingham Palace is not possible in the long run, especially taking both the environment and the cost into account. Instead, he wants to open the palace to visitors and have it redesigned as a museum, with exhibitions about his mother's reign.

Prinz Charles on his 60th birthday in 2008

Prince Charles is the Queen's oldest son and therefore the heir to the throne.

Buckingham Palace is currently being renovated at a cost of around £370 million. This work is expected to take a whole decade.