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Prince Edward

Prince Edward
Prince Edward

The Earl is a full-time working member of the Royal family and supports Queen Elizabeth II in her official duties – often alongside his wife, as well as undertaking public engagements for a large number of his own charities.

In 1986, after leaving university, Prince Edward joined the royal marines and quit his training after just a few months.

He opted to work in the entertainment industry instead. Working at Andrew Lloyd Webbers Theater company as a production assistant. 

He worked on Starlight Express and Cats, rumored to be making coffee and tea for the actors. 

In 1993 he formed his own theater company "Ardent Productions"

An Ardent two-man film crew was alleged to have invaded the privacy of his nephew, Prince William while he was at University. 

After the incident Prince Edward decided to step down from a managing role at his production company and started taking on more royal duties.