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Prince Harry Is "Missing" His British Pals After Moving To Canada

Prince Harry & Meghan are "isolating" in Canada. Harry has urged the Queen to "stay safe"...
February 5, 2020 - 13:50 / Clemens Fanger

After moving to Canada with Duchess Meghan and Archie two weeks ago, Prince Harry has been keeping in touch with his old pals from England, whom he "misses" dearly. But there are ways to keep in touch...

As Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are settling into their new home in the Canadian Northwest, the Duke of Sussex is apparently "missing" his old friends from England. While Prince Harry claimed he had "no other option" than to step down and move his family, he tries to keep in touch with his pals as best he can.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry keeps in touch with his pals on WhatsApp

The Sun talked to an insider recently, who says that the Duke of Sussex "misses his friends of course - anyone would. But he has been in WhatsApp group with his mates for years and he uses that more than ever now to keep in touch and send pictures."

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"The group are always sharing funny video clips they find as well," the source continues. "Harry doesn’t think being on the other side of the world means that he will lose touch with the people he has been mates with all his life."

Of course it will be difficult for Prince Harry to keep his friendships going - but we will just have to wait and see how long him and Meghan stay in Canada and how often he will travel back to England to see his family and take on some royal duties from time to time.