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Princess Charlotte: When Will She Bear The Title Princess Royal?

Princess Charlotte made history at just two years old!
February 12, 2019 - 05:15 / Marion Wierl

Prince William and Duchess Catherine's children are still very young, but as it is common in a royal family, there are rules and traditions that determine what happens when they marry or their father ascends the throne. Princess Charlotte could then have a particularly sweet title.

When Princess Charlotte's (3)  father Prince William (36) ascends the throne one day, Princess Charlotte could be awarded the title "Princess Royal". This specific title is traditionally borne by the eldest daughter of the monarch, which means at the moment, Princess Anne (68) is called "Princess Royal". She is not only the oldest, but also the Queen's only daughter.

The British Royals
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Princess Charlotte: The next Princess Royal?

Nobility expert Marlene Koenig (64) shares her opinion on the subject with "Hello" magazine. She considers it more likely that Princess Charlotte, like her brother Prince Louis (3 months), will be granted her own nobility as soon as she marries. It would therefore only be fair if Charlotte were also appointed Duchess.

Princess Charlotte on her first day of kindergarten.

Princess Royal: Only one person at a time can bear it

In addition, the title "Princess Royal" can only be awarded to her after Princess Anne's death at the earliest, since only one person can wear it at a time. But first of all the great-grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II (92) should enjoy their carefree childhood and not stand in the spotlight.

Therefore Prince William and Duchess Catherine (36) are also waiting to tell Prince George (5) that one day he will become King.