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Queen Elizabeth Fears For Prince Philip's Health Ahead Of "Horror" Year

Queen Elizabeth fears for Prince Philip's health ahead of "horror" year
February 18, 2020 - 17:28 / Laura Pérez

Queen Elizabeth has been managing Harry and Meghan's exit - she is also set to manage Princess Beatrice's wedding. Now royal experts believe there's one other thing that worries Her Majesty, which is her husband Prince Philip's poor health.

Prince Philip spends most of his time in Norfolk, on Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham estate. He's 98 years old and despite his retirement from royal duties, it seems like the Duke of Edinburgh has been facing stressful days within the royal family, which affect his health.

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Experts believe Prince Philip won't be around the Queen's entire reign

Royal expert, Angela Mollard, believes Queen Elizabeth fears for Prince Philip's poor health, which could result in an "annus horribilis part 2" for Her Majesty; the last time she claimed it was her worst year was in 1992.

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Mollard suggested that Prince Philip won't be around for the entirety of Queen Elizabeth's reign, which currently stands at 67 years.

Queen Elizabeth II looks stunning in a flower dress in July 2019

Queen Elizabeth still has to face a series of challenges such as Harry and Meghan's exit, Princess Beatrice's wedding, not to mention Prince Andrew's scandal.

Experts believe this could be a "horror" year for Her Majesty.