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Royal Affairs: What Used To Be "Normal" Is Now A Dealbreaker

Royal Affairs: What Used To Be "Normal" Is Now A Dealbreaker
August 7, 2020 - 17:10 / Clemens Fanger

Royal affairs were normal? Indeed they were! In the past, royal family members almost never married for love - marriages were arranged and it was not uncommon for the spouses not to like each other at all. The woman had only one task: to give birth to children, preferably sons, which meant an heir. Affairs on both sides of the marriages were therefore not uncommon back in the day. That has definitely changed by now and an affair is now a no-go in the royal world...

Royal houses weren't about love in the past and often both men and women had affairs while married. It was not uncommon for illegitimate children to be born, who then received an education and were brought up at court. Later they were then housed somewhere else - first, they were hidden in plain sight and then taken away from the spotlight. 

Royal affairs are a no-go 

In these modern times, princes and princesses in the royal family can choose their partners themselves and the royals marry out of love. Loyalty is also very important among couples. Danish historian Lars Hovbakke Sørensen told TV2 that today's affairs in the royal houses are the remnant of one "ancient royal culture". The kings, queens, and their heirs have to adapt to society's expectations and really think about how to behave themselves.

While it was previously accepted to have somebody "on the side", this is now absolutely intolerable. Although the royals have some special rights and privileges, they can not go ahead and stray outside their marriages. Royal family members have a moral responsibility and should be role models for their people. 

At a polo tournament, Lady Diana wears a sweater with a black sheep on it

Prince Charles & Camilla: The most famous royal affair

In the past decades, there have been quite a few extra-marital affairs in the royal family. One of the royals who had an affair was the British heir to the throne Prince Charles (71). 

Princess Diana even found out about Camilla's affair with Charles - one day before their wedding. Fortunately, royal marriages are not what they used to be in the old days and royal family members are allowed to marry for love. The most recent royal to take the plunge was Princess Beatrice, who managed to pull off a secret wedding to the gorgeous Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in late July...