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Sarah Ferguson Shares Powerful Message: "Mother Nature Has Sent Us To Our Rooms…"

Sarah Ferguson shared a powerful message on social media on Tuesday.
March 25, 2020 - 14:10 / Clemens Fanger

Sarah Ferguson shared her thoughts on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on her Instagram account on Tuesday. The Duchess of York shared a though-provoking message with all her followers...

Sarah Ferguson took to social media on Tuesday to share her thoughts about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and how it affects everyday life these days. In her post on Instagram, she contemplated nature's role in all of it and how we as a society can use the time we have on our hands.

Sarah Ferguson shares emotional reunion picture on social media during lockdown.

Sarah Ferguson: "Mother nature has sent us to our rooms..."

The Duchess of York uploaded a snapshot of a cherry blossom tree and captioned the picture with her thoughts on the ongoing situation:

"Mother Nature has sent us to our rooms.. like the spoilt children we are. She gave us time and she gave us warnings. She was so patient with us. She gave us fire and floods, she tried to warn us but in the end she took back control."

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Her message continues: "She has sent us to our rooms and when she is finished clearing up our mess. She will let us out to play again. How will we use this time?"

Sarah Ferguson's message is some food for thought, that is for sure. We will keep you updated with more stories on the royal family right HERE...