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This Is Everything We Know About Prince Charles And Duchess Camilla's Spring Tour

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla shared details about their upcoming Spring tour
February 26, 2020 - 08:30 / Laura Pérez

It seems like Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla will be pretty busy in the upcoming weeks! The royal couple will visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, and Jordan, as part of their 2020 Spring tour!

Details about Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla's upcoming Spring tour have been revealed. Clarence House announced that the royal couple will be visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Cyprus and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from March 17 to March 25.

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Prince Charles will be traveling alone for the first part of the trip, where he will highlight the reforms to improve Bosnia and Herzegovina's citizens lives. Later on he will continue his commitment to post-conflict resolutions in the Western Balkans.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall during a tour of the Cabinet Office, London, 2020

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla will visit Cyprus 

The Prince of Wales will then be in Sarajevo and Srebrenica, where he will visit the memorial in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Bosnian genocide. Duchess Camilla will join him to visit Cyprus and celebrate the historic ties between the country and the United Kingdom.

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This will be the first royal visit to the Mediterranean island country since Queen Elizabeth II's visit, back in 1993, as well as Charles and Camilla's first official visit to Cyprus. 

Charles and Camilla at the reopening if Hillsborough Castle in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Charles and Camilla will visit religious and environmental sites

The last part of the trip will be in Jordan, where the royal couple will celebrate the Queen's relationship with the royal family in the Arab country. Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla will visit both religious and environmental sites across the country.

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The last time Prince Charles visited Jordan was in 2015; while Duchess Camilla was there last in 2013.